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Warning shots will only be fired so many times

The US-China Economics and Security Review Commission has just recently submitted its 2010 report to the US Congress (PDF) and the chapter on “China and the Internet” is a particularly interesting read. It touches on various topics including

  • Use of Internet as a ‘‘propaganda and ideological work’’ as well as to ‘‘guide public opinion’’
  • Regulations that provide unfair advantage to home-grown technology companies
  • Standoff between Google and China vis-vis Operation “Aurora”
  • Attack on Indian government
  • Internet traffic manipulation

While I hate fear mongering with a vengeance, it would be stupid to ignore the warning signs emanating from China. Information warfare has been absorbed into Chinese military thinking and philosophy and we will be sitting ducks if we do not take evasive, defensive and offensive actions.


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One Response to Warning shots will only be fired so many times

  1. Vijay November 18, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    I think this says something of the sophistication of Chinese cyber-strategy and Chinese statecraft overall. From the outside looking in, it seems every instrument the Chinese have is deployed in a coherent and co-ordinated manner for the pursuit of China’s interests.

    I’m glad that there is such a thing as the US-China Economics and Security Review Commission because overall one gets the impression that America does not have a cohesive China policy. DC seems divided between “panda-huggers” and “panda-bashers”. The business lobby is pro-China in a sense because they want to trade with Beijing. The human right-lobby pushes for greater US pressure on Tibet, Xinjiang and other such issues. The security hawks predict a Cold war scenario and push for containment-lite.

    I don’t think India is in any position to respond though. The best we can only hope for greater activism in American policy circles.


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