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Takshashila responds to GoI’s discussion draft on National Cyber Security Policy

The Department of Information Technology, Government of India issued a discussion draft on National Cyber Security Policy (pdf) on 26th March 2011 and invited comments on it. In our opinion this draft of the national policy is a considerable initial step and the government should be commended for being attuned to the threats and challenges facing the management of cyberspace and taking steps to address them. We feel that the document substantially addresses several areas and processes related to cyber security, particularly incident response, vulnerability management and infrastructure security.

However, we have identified some areas of improvement, including scope, ownership, resource allocation and management, technical and non-technical controls, which we present for the government’s consideration. This Takshashila policy advisory document (pdf) provides comments and feedback on the draft.

Feel free to provide your input on the original discussion draft or our response to it, in the comment section below.

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“The case for an India-US partnership in cyber security” – Takshashila Institution discussion document

Takshashila Institution has released a discussion documents authored by me titled “The case for an India-US partnership in cyber security.” The executive summary reads:

The rapid development and the increasing reliance on information and communication technology (ICT) and cyberspace in the last couple of decades have changed the way every aspect of the society works. Countries like India that hope to exploit the power and reach of ICT for their development should at the same time be wary of the vulnerabilities in their systems.

These ICT systems and cyberspace are highly complex, some of whose properties we are just beginning to understand and appreciate. In order to successfully defend against attacks on these infrastructure and systems, India should actively invest in researching and developing cyber security solutions and collaborating with other countries that share similar objectives.

This paper recommends that Indian institutions, both in the private and public sector, should engage with those from the United States in a partnership role to tackle issues related to cyber security and information infrastructure protection.

Please feel free to comment on the topic, find flaws with the logic or discuss anything related to the topic in the comments to this post.

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