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Was India Behind Stuxnet? | Vyūha
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Was India Behind Stuxnet?

Why not? Why should we miss out on the party fun?

First it was the American and then the Israelis and then the joint US-Israel angle and now, we have the Russians as suspected makers of Stuxnet. Now, I ask you, why not the Indians? Don’t bother to answer, it was a rhetorical question – I know the odds against it!

On a more serious note, the article linking Russians to Stuxnet does everything except link them. It goes on to provide a good old Cold War story of why the Russians would want to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program

“their companies’ profit margins will benefit as long as the Iranians keep Russian scientists and engineers in country, who can oversee Iranian nuclear progress”

and why they would rather let the American and Israelis be given the credit

“its designers wouldn’t want it traced back to the Kremlin, and so it would have to appear as if it were a clandestine operation by an adversary that didn’t have access to the gateway entry points”

It even goes on to speculate on Russian expertise

“Russian scientists and engineers are familiar with the cascading centrifuges whose numbers and configuration – and Siemen’s SCADA PLC controller schematics – they have full access to by virtue of designing the plants.”

What is missing, of course, is the tiniest shred of evidence supporting this claim or even circumstantial evidence that Russian possesses enough cyber power to carry out such a well orchestrated cyber attack.


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